The relationship between human and the environment around them is always interesting to me. The pros and cons of space development are ones of many issues we face on daily basis. Having travelled to a number of different places, I have learnt about the dynamic of those relationships.

We’ve seen some critiques of the environment from people of different backgrounds. Singers, poets and photographers are just a few of them. In photography, most of the essays I’ve seen are very constructive and I think it’s important for every photographer to look through their viewfinders for this sense.

I find the camera as the best tool for myself to build, nurture and develop a relationship with the places around me. Quoting Dorothea Lange, “the camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera”.

This series is about joy and festivity. A celebration of human’s relationship with the places around them.

“Dorothea Lange Quotes” by Goodreads