Borobudur is a temple built around the year 780-833 A.D. This temple has more than 500 Buddha statues. Borobudur name originally came from a village name where the temple is located. It is a small village in the city of Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. Borobudur is surrounded by four volcanoes; Sumbing, Sindoro, Merbabu and Merapi. Covering a total area of 2,500 meters squares, the temple consists about 1,600,000 blocks of andesite. The base measures 123 meters and the total height is about 31 meters. Borobudur has about 1500 relief panels on 2500 square meters of stone. As a symbol of the greatness of Indonesia’s past, Borobudur has become one of the UNESCO’s World Heritages. Borobudur is not only believed as the highest symbol of Buddhism, it is also believed as a replica of the universe.

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